December 18th, 2006


Health Food Store

(This entry dedicated to galinda822)

Bow Down, bow down

The health food store usually has the best selection of imported beer & wine of outside of a military base. The first time I found krystal weizen, it was at a health food store. I picked up those bottles of glühwein there as well. And I don't like preservatives. I try to eat as all-natural as I can. Steak, eggs, Chipotle and plenty of fresh vegetables. I like to cook a variety of different peppers in an interesting variety of ways. I enjoy sautéed serrano's, stuffed poblano's for baking, smoked jalapeños, and grilled bell peppers. At least in STL, I can't even find a poblano at the grocery stores here...but they have them in health food store. I also like whole wheat. Hard to find anything 100% whole wheat anywhere else. The label may say it, but closer inspection of the ingredients usually reveals things aren't always what they claim.

Before the power of Santa

As much as I enjoy the organic goodness & variety of the health food store, I despise walking into one. First of all, have you ever seen the freaks that frequent that place? Most of them are what I would consider a Health Nut. And I'm not just talking people who eat right and exercise frequently. I'm talking about the type of enthusiasts which defecate in such a manner to preserve their essence. EGADS! And here's another thing - why do I have to listen to New Age music and study Hinduism to shop there? I'm bombarded with audio CD's of the howler monkey and posters discussing my Universal Life Force Energy. No thank you, I don't wish to pay more for this box of cereal to help save the rainforest, and no thank you, I don't require a calendar of my seven chakra's. I just came for the peppers & wine.

Or be crushed, be crushed

I've been drinking herbal tea since I was in short pants. My mother always had a cup of Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange for me during the quiet evening times - and I've always had a box around the house, whether I was drinking it or not. And of course with all the coffee I consumed, it was rare that I ever drank a cup. Since I've given up coffee during the day, I've turned back to my herbal tea roots, finding some great tastes from the likes of Stash. They have some wonderful and creative blends and flavors. I've been enjoying about three cups a day. Here recently though, and the reason this post is dedicated to galinda - I've been drinking a tea she discovered - Dragonfruit, a new release from Stash. I love its sinfully deep passion, the heavy combination of fruits in this tea - it moves me. The bad news is, its from their Chanakara collection - Teas for the different chakra's.


So here I am, shopping at the health food store with a cart full of...chakra teas. I look exactly like one of those of fecal-preserving health nuts that I try so hard to avoid!

His Jolly Boots of Doom!
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