January 20th, 2007

Eric Saudi

My Big Fat Greek Orthodox Middle Eastern Night

Middle Eastern Night was tonight at the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Town & Country, Missouri. galinda822, my wife & two kids packed up Carla's Urban Assault Vehicle, and followed our neighbors from Bethlehem to the event. 330 tickets were sold, and it was going to be a full house. We arrived early to secure a good parking spot and joined them for Vespers. That was quite an unexpected delight. Traditional Orthodox 'monks' chanting Psalms. The walls & ceiling of the cathedral were painted with original Byzantine iconograms and Father Joseph (who we met later) was tossing around his golden censor, smoking the entire area with frankincense.

From this venue, we joined the main party in which we had a reserved table - and the festivities began. Well, my festivities began with a double scotch on the rocks (they had Johnny Walker Red), an Ouzo for the wife, and a G&T for Carla. The food came, and then kept coming while Arabian dancers in traditional attire danced around the tables before going up on stage and entertaining us for the duration of the meal. Many of the deserts I was already familiar with as our neighbors have made them for us in the past.

When the dancing and dinner were concluded, they blasted some mid-eastern techno at us, and a mosh pit formed. EVERYONE was out there dancing, including Carla who'd worked up a thirst, so she grabbed a beer, Mythos from Greece. I had a sip, then snatched my own bottle. It was a little over-carbonated, but had a taste reminiscent of Sapparo.

Then it started snowing.

And we left.
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