April 19th, 2007

Firefly, Serenity


Not bad at all. I don't exactly know what it is about it. Wikipedia classifies it as 'electrogoth' and iTunes imports it as 'industrial.' I disagree with the latter, so...electrogoth it is! I think the elements I enjoy about this album can all be attributed to recall of memories. Its reminiscent of both the bands I used to hear haunting the club scene in Germany when I was over there, but with the addition of having an 80's sound to it. With that, might I suggest ximo give it a listen if he's not already familiar with them. I'd have to listen to them back-to-back with VNV Nation before comparing the two, but looky, I've already gone and drawn a similarity betwixt the two.

Rec'd my T-60. I didn't have a copy of XP which contained the SATA driver required for the harddrive, so I retained the SOE and simply modified the registry entries and services.msc to cull out the unneeded horseshit which usually plagues such an installation. Besides, it was easier to keep all the IBM specific software which was already contained within the operating system. Its a rather large form factor. Not as bulky as those massive Inspiron laptops Dell sells, but nowhere near the portability of the X1 I've grown accustomed to, either. The good news, I suppose, is that this machine has a 2.0GHz CoreDuo processor, and 2GB of RAM. I've been playing with a combination of Parallels Workstation (similar to VMware) & dual-booting to put an alternate O/S on this machine. I'd prefer Parallels to mitigate a reboot, and I have the RAM for it, but I'm having issues with the SATA driver. In the meantime, I'm downloading kubuntu 7.0.4 for giggles; we'll run everything off that and see what's what.

The time grown near, and yet, here I sit, no further along. I felt a great sense of foreboding the other day. An unease settling quickly upon me, the gravity of everything finally coming to me. Leaving galinda822, questioning my own abilities where this new position fits in, selling the house, relocating my family, juggling once again everything I juggle when I I go through this...then I realized I was just getting sick. I went to the doctor, he put me on narcotics for a couple of days and I slept. I slept like the dead. Slight fever last night, but when I awoke, I knew I would emerge victorious. I always do.

Working my last day of work tomorrow. A full day as the Site Service Delivery Manager. Then, I turn in my badge and drive to Wichita to pick up little girl, returning home the next morning. It greatly interferes with my Friday Night Movie Night and, if all continues to go as planned, what would have been our last. I've packed up all but 64 of my Cd's, those remaining in a travel case until I relocate. I'll take those with me to Wichita. Another 14-hours on the road this weekend...

Lost my love, lost my land
Lost the last place I could stand
There's no place I can be
Since I've found Serenity
And you can't take the sky from me.