April 25th, 2007


"One man's trash..."

People like my garbage. Often, when I'm getting rid of electronics & such, I set them gently aside where the trash is picked up in case anyone wants it. In the morning, the item is usually gone. Sometimes multiple items. Its a scheme which works well in this neighborhood. Yesterday, for example, I set out two VCR's. Both of them in perfect working order. Unfortunately, that wasn't good enough this time. We found that ALL OUR TRASH had been ripped opened on the side of the road and gone through, leaving us a mess to clean up and rebag. Nice. I really do hate people.


Just missed prog_guy69 during his trip back. He thought he was coming down I-70 but ended up on I-44 :( We had a little chit-chat and with the worsening weather we said our hello's and goodbye's over the phone and they continued ahead of the storm. I'm behind him in two days and I feel certain we'll catch up then. Safe trip C!

galinda822 took three days of vacation this week so...it was really nice hanging out with her these past couple of days as we prepared the house for moving and went about our routine. Thank you! I'll see her one last time tomorrow night then *poof* I'm gone...

Parallels Update:

Finally got kubuntu 7.0.4 alternate to load & launch under Parallels Workstation by lowering the available RAM from 768MB to 512MB (The Jayson was right after all) and by pretending I was installing & launching Solaris 9. Weird, but true. So far the full-screen mode is flawless, but its not very quick. I've been turning off all the bells and whistles of KDE though, to keep the overhead down. Its an amazing thing - linux, without a reboot. Nice! (if I can ever get it to work). Networking is dodgy at best right now, sometimes working, sometimes not, and I cannot get it to see my USB drive or iPod yet. One of the main reasons for having a running verion of linux via Parallels is for Amarok to play my iPod at work! Well, that and X for work apps. Grrrrr.

Scratch that. I moved from Parallels to VMware Workstation and got kubuntu 7.0.4 up and running in under 15 minutes. Networking works flawlessly. They say Parallels is a godsend for OSX. Perhaps, but it just doesn't hold a candle to VMware under Windows. Plus, I was able to install and run with 768MB of RAM. Snappy too, runs with a quickness. I'm very happy with this combination. Now if I could only get the USB devices to be recognised...