May 26th, 2007


"Someday this war will be over."

I'm on Day Two of denying myself Scooby-Snack. I chose to quit while I was geographically separated from my wife due to the difficult transition period she claims I go through. I don't know what she's talking about. In other news, drax0r and I came to blows in the Half Price Bookstore parking lot yesterday. Apparently I was 'very angry' until he bought me a jalepeno hot dog at a Racetrak convenience store. Whatever. Why I waited until one week before my wife arrives instead of working on this the month I've been here is anyone's guess. Perhaps I was scared to be without it, and her, simultaneously? The strain on my wife is increasing. I know this based on how many minutes we're on the phone before she begins attacking me. Only one more week.

To assist with this, I've got a reservation at our favorite hotel in Decatur, TX. When she arrives I'll let her unwind from two days of driving with a hot bath and whatnot. This will serve as our base of operations during the debriefing. When she's ready, I'll take her to see our daughter (whereas my son will be staying an additional two weeks with his grandmother in Wichita). This will also afford her a good night's sleep (in an air conditioned room - my folks aren't using theirs yet) with zero distractions. I have Monday and Tuesday "off" work. That is, I don't have to go in, but I must have my laptop & aircard with me at all times in case of an emergency, as the rest of the staff is also out of work that week, and I'm lucky to be able to do this at all.

When I was working in Wichita back in 2003 I was visiting with a co-worker and his family. The movie The Hulk had just been released (as well as the new toy line) and his 5-year old son comes in wearing his "Hulk Hands" He was very excited to show them to me. As soon as I acknowledged them, he reared back, and punched me square in the nuts. "OOOF!" I doubled over, as his parents, shocked, tried to control the situation. The entire kitchen was abuzz with activity over this horrific act. Kids will be kids. I understand this. I also know that after that, I swore to never get my own 5-year old boy a pair of those!

Fast forward four years. I'm pouring myself a cup of coffee in the kitchen (I'm usually the first one up) and in a pseudo-stealthy ninja surprise move, drax0r's 5-year old son jumps into the kitchen yelling, "Heeeya!"

...wearing the neighbor kids "Hulk Hands" he had borrowed. Flashback is a powerful thing. I shrieked like a girl and ran.

Poor kid.

Compiled my first java app. I've had an on-again, off-again obsession with MindTerm, the browser applet offering secure shell access. On again when I need it, off again when I don't. I now need it. Of course I know NOTHING about java. So I'm following tutorials to certify my...public certificate and trying to get this to work now that darkvoyager is back online. Currently, its running off drax0r's cable modem with a whopping 128kbps up.


So yeah, I'm anxious to get my new box built so I can get it colo'd with drax0r's. The box is a Netra t1125. Basically, an Ultra-60 mobo on its side. So after the fist-fight in the parking lot, we actually went into Half Price Books where I purchased nearly all of their Deutsche Grammophon recordings, three of them Karajan & the Berlin Philharmonic:

Richard Strauss: Metamorphosen/Tod Und Verklarung
Brahms: Symphony No's. 1, 2 & 3
Debussy: Nocturnes
And the full opera Simon Boccanegro by Verdi.

the Netra t1125

So little girl and I go to Anna for a 'sleepover' Saturday. Of course we find our selves at the new Wal-Mart just to the West of McKinney. There's almost no one there. She touches everything and I let her. We're in no hurry. I touch everything. They're taking free digital pictures with your favorite Pirates of the Caribbean III character. I thought they did a terrible job with the flash, and we had to hang around another 20-minutes. No worries, we weren't in any hurry.

I get home to author this post and listen to all three Pirates of the Caribbean scores. I haven't listened to the first one since August of last year. I was curious if I would enjoy the first one now that I've heard the latest two. I didn't. It still sucked. Anyway, drax0r's watching a movie behind me and I'm finding it difficult to concentrate - saying the sentences aloud three or four times to ensure they make sense. Its ok, this post is far too long as it is, and I need to make dinner.