June 9th, 2007



You're in control of your own life, remember? Here, take a cookie.
I promise, by the time you're done eating it, you'll feel right as rain.

P.O.D.S. arrived today. When I go to sleep, it will be on my $2500 king bed. Yeah, I'm excited.

drax0r is behind me drinking. Oh, I'm drinking too - but nothing human can hold a candle to him.

My SPARC install was delayed another week. No worries, I'm in no hurry. I did receive my free Solaris 10 DVD in the mail. 2-weeks. Not bad.

crowy posted!

I exchanged a couple of text messages with galinda822 today, but alas, we missed each other on the phone :(

My inlaws will be staying at the RV Park in Meliissa, just 4-miles South of Anna.

drax0r's parents will be staying there as well - possibly during the same weekend!

We've been active on the Anna forums all evening long. Too much fun!

Dreamed Starbuck and I got into a firefight (with other humans, not Cylons) in a conference room, around a conference table concerning worker's rights (if I'm not mistaken). She was shooting from a gun in each hand, and I was firing from one, but ran out of ammo. The fleeing workers had no arms, so I reached into the holsters she kept under her shirt, at waist level and my left hand pulled out a firearm, and my right hand pulled out two clips, taped together and reversed for easy loading. The handgun was full-auto and it shot thousands of tiny shards of metal - nothing fatal though. I was aiming for the head, and peppering the returning workers in the face, but the tiny metal projectiles weren't an effective deterrent. Weird.

It's 0200. Pumpkin time.
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