August 22nd, 2007



Though undeserving, I've rec'd checks from some of you totaling $10,000 in support of my efforts on closing on the house on time. Embarrassing, to be sure; as psycho-stalker chick chick pointed out, "Perhaps a little better planning on your part and you wouldn't have been in this situation." Perhaps. Add to this my own pigheadedness of refusing to put less than 20% down despite the fact that I wouldn't incur PMI if I didn't, and really, I just come off as a blithering idiot undeserving of the generosity you on my friends list have shown. We are on schedule for Friday.

Your gifts were unexpected, and overwhelming. Thank you.

Happy Birthday
And my r/l brother!

There was a head-on collision on the ring-road which surrounds the plant last week. Careflight was called in and everything. The next day, the Security Guards at the gate amended their greeting with, "Drive safe" as if that would prevent further accidents of the sort. So everyday since, that's become a part of their routine. "Drive safe." Today, I dropped the Tib off at the dealership because the shiftknob top had come loose. I work only a couple of miles from the dealership and didn't feel I needed a ride, nor did I want to wait the estimated 45-minutes. So I walked. As I approach the gate on foot, I whip out my badge. I get the standard greeting, followed by of course...."Drive safe." I nod and thank him, and keep walking.
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