August 31st, 2007


Relocation, et al

I was offered a chuck of money as a relocation expense. Though I've moved with the company a couple of times before, I've never used the official, "Relocation Department" which does, I admit, have its perks.

Unfortunately, it also has its shortfalls.

Did you know Relocation Reimbursement is taxable income? I didn't. Until last night. I budgeted on the amount I was offered, not knowing that nearly a third of it would be taken in taxes. That's ONE-THIRD of what I spent I won't be getting back.

I need this right now like I need a hole in the head.

I'm going to have to use a CPA this year. I need to get my State Income Tax back from Missouri, get back what wasn't reimbursed through relo along with what I didn't get covered due to it being taxed, the house I sold, the house I bought...what a nightmare. I'm not going to do this again. I'm done gallivanting all over the world.

I've been working on setting up my Solaris workstation at work for the past...I dunno, month? Its slow going because work keeps getting in the way. Its an aging Ultra-10 (read, IDE-bus) that I've put two 60GB ATA drives in and mirrored them. I put Solaris 10 on it and blastwave to gnu it up. I slapped a Raptor GFX framebuffer in it, doubled the RAM to 1024MB and installed a DVD-ROM (can't remember if I've mentioned any of this before) and replaced its 333MHz CPU with a 440MHz. I'm still not finished with it.

On the home office front, my beloved 68" Sun rack has lost one of its door panels (it had four). To fix the issue, a buddy at work removed a swing-door (which is nothing more than four panels held together by a frame, two cross-members and 64 screws) and the hardware from an Enterprise-6500 rack and gave it to me. Unfortunately, the 68" rack differs from the E-6500 rack insofar as the mounting brackets are on the right, rather than the left of the rack. This has caused me to re-engineer the door. First, I removed all 64 screws, reversed the frame, and reattached. Unfortunately, the 68" rack wasn't designed to accept the hinges. I mean, the size is the same, but not the holes. Still, I think I can get it to work with a little more effort. Awaiting my tools which are in the last P.O.D.S. which arrives today between 1400-1700.

I'd also like to introduce to you texas_tangent; A neighbor who's just signed up with livejournal. I hope you'll give her the warm welcome I know you are all capable of.
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