September 12th, 2007


The Long Walk

To those of you who helped, the money has been returned. Thank you so much. I wanted to include a note in the mailing, but alas, my wife moves swiftly and efficiently. Please accept this mention as representative of my sincerity.

Recharged the iPod last night, and refreshed the scores on it. I put it on around 0800 and don't take it off until drax0r arrives, usually between 1100-1300. I pulled it off yesterday for a bit and it was too...noisy in the cubical area. I like my scores. The keep me focused.

I did drive to work again with the windows down, this time listening to Elmer Bernstein's Stripes. It was sixty-one degrees this morning, and cold enough for long sleeves. Perfect. My son snapped this picture this morning on his way to school. yes, that's his finger in the field of view:

I ran out of the site entrance too quickly yesterday and bumped the road with the front frame of the vehicle. The ABS light came on. I took it in this morning and walked from the dealership to the plant. I made it in 20 minutes this time. I'm getting good exercise every time something happens to this car. As it turns out, the right rear ABS sensor needs to be replaced. They'll take care of that Friday, the soonest they can get the part. Captain Janeway took me to the dealership in the Delta Flyer to save me from walking. Captain Janeway rocks!

I've been watching Season One of Criminal Minds in the evenings with my wife. Very enjoyable.

It's another gorgeous day.

And please excuse the second posting for the day; I'm going to start a vehicle log.
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