November 6th, 2007

Anna Seal

I ♥ Booze

"The legal sale of all alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption only."

Today is the day Americans (without prior felony convictions and over the age of consent) exercise their right to vote. This is also the day that many Americans will choose not to. This isn't the BIG ONE - but its important to me.

As you know, drax0r and I have been heavily involved in the Anti-Prohibition movement here locally. We've put up a billboard, a web-page (nearly 2000 hits to date), made & put up yard signs, been quoted in the newspaper, written articles and editorials, participated in public debate, mailed out letters, flyers, done informal polling, and most recently, distributed doorhangers to houses in which people were registered to vote but did not sign the prohibition petition nor have a prohibition sign in their yard. I have used the city forum as my personal soapbox - often lambasting the competition for being cheats & liars (and providing the documentation to back up my claim) in hopes that they too, were reading surreptitiously.

So much work, so much time, and it all comes down to today. If nothing else, we have educated the public on what's at stake, and why. We'll know today.

(As an aside, we've recently had visitors from the Dominican Republic, Sweden, Egypt and Latvia visiting our forums here of late, and I have no idea why.)

It all boils down to today's vote. I'm guessing a landslide victory - something in the 80/20 range. More conservative guesses hover around the 60/40 percentage range. I can't sleep. I stayed home from work sick today. Little girl and I got the same thing at the same time, and we missed the Christening of celtmanx's newest baby and the Grand Opening of their new business. Bah! I took Little girl to the doctor this morning, she got a prescription with Hydrocodone, and I did not. Perhaps it was my indulgence of my new favorite morning drink, Java Monster?

All the goodness of Monster-brand drinks, in a non-carbonated, 16oz. Iced Coffee. Damn they're good! I read recently where half our empty calories come in liquid form. Someday I'll cut back on these too, but not yet. Not yet. In fact, seeing how its 0230, I'll likely need a little pick-me-up tomorrow morning as well. I hope to make it into work, but you just never know about these things.

drax0r brought over a little treat Saturday when we were finished handing out flyers. The BSG interim episode RAZOR. Nice! Of course it got the old juices flowing, and my wife and I followed that up with the Mini-Series. Damn that was good! The Soundtrack was excellent; the suspense - superb! What a fantastic piece of work. Almost puts the series to shame. So yeah, we're going to re-watch all the shows, finishing hopefully around the time Season three is released on DVD.

And as I had not seen Firefly until 2006, and hadn't watched the BSG mini-series since 2005, I was shocked and amazed to find Serenity cruising across the skies in Caprica City!

Taking my boy camping with the Cub Scouts Saturday night. (Need to set up the tent in the back yard one day this week - I have only three days left to do this) I have to replace six banks of RAM in a V880 that following Sunday. (starting at 1000) Monday is Bring a Vet to School Day. I am going in place of asking my father to be up here at 0800 for who knows how long, and for what. I'll wear the jacket I wear every Veteran's Day - the one with my medals, campaign patches, and unit patches. Maybe I'll even get a picture for you.

Channel 8 News just contacted us via our website! They're coming out. Record number of voters for such a small town - w00t!
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