January 28th, 2008


I embrace diversity because its corporate policy.

Added a 160GB disk from my old DirecTV DVR to my linux box. Labeled and formatted it. Downloaded the point upgrade to Gallery, created a new folder, and destroyed the old link pointing to the new folder so I could have the upgrader web-accessible. Deleted Drupal and unzipped Moveable Type. Linked Moveable Type to a folder named mt in my web-accessible area, and added some required perl modules. Upgraded MySQL, upgraded Gallery. Added functionality to Gallery via apt-get some new packages and sym-linking existing ones. Logged into MySql, dropped the Drupal database and created a Moveable Type database.

Performed a dist-upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10.

Now, I've heard of people having, um...difficulty in their upgrades, which is why I made a database backup and a tar file of my Gallery data onto the new 160GB drive. I never understood why people didn't upgrade more often - I mean, so you run into a few difficulties, right? We're sysadmins, its what we do.

Well, I know the answer now, and its not what I expected.

The dist-upgrade unmounted my new 160GB drive, removed the mount point, removed the entry of it in the vfstab, restored my dropped database, and deleted my new one. It removed my sym-links, and deleted Moveable Type. It reverted all the changes in my Gallery, and bumped down my rev. It backed out all my new perl modules and removed the original tar files from my home directory.

Holy Shit.

Its like a nightmare-version of OSX's "Time Machine."

Digitize me, Fred!
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