February 25th, 2008



Whilst at the Pinewood Derby a lady slid up to me and whispered, I know who you are.
"Ooooooooooook." I replied.
You're ehowton. she said. I nodded. Then she introduced herself - and I recognized her name and was totally at ease. In the future, I think people should start with the introduction!

Fast forward to today. I'm walking from my boss's office to my own. I say, "Excuse me" as I pass through a group of people. A lady grabs me and pulls us away from the bystanders - "Do you live in [my subdivision]?" she asked. Whoa! Completely-blank-stare...I was in work mode! "I'm so-and-so...I live at the end of the street. I recognized your car in the parking lot!" Very cool because I thought I recognized her husband a couple of weeks back and sure enough, he works at one of the other plants...New friends, new neighbors.

The other night we were at a party, and, because drax0r and I have come close to getting the entire town of Anna, Texas addicted to Monster brand drinks, the subject eventually came up. Because I am outrageous, I started, "throwing down" gang-sign. Only, I used my first three fingers of my right hand, pointing down - to represent the, "M" in Monster while draped over my left arm which I threw across my chest. We'd all been drinking and it was a hoot, until someone turned it on its side and announced, "EHOWTON!" *eyeroll* And only because someone else started using an avatar just like mine making it difficult to distinguish between the two I took that idea, and ran with it:
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And, by the grace of God, my wife and I rec'd a gift this weekend, the always lovely and engaging galinda822. (Use only as directed. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required.) She arrived by air Saturday morning and sadly, has to leave tomorrow evening. I was hoping to take Tuesday off to maximize my time with her (as my wife has been stealing her away from me) but as it turns out will be working 0900-1200 tomorrow with a 1400 Parent-Teacher conference prior to leaving for the airport. Thanks for making your way down here again!

catttitude and galinda822 on a gorgeous Texas morning.

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