March 4th, 2008

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School Closings

2 hr delay
Submitted at: 7:33 AM CST on Tuesday, Mar 4

Anyone want to guess what time school starts? Anyone else want to guess where, exactly, I was at 0733? IN THE EMPTY SCHOOL PARKING LOT SCRATCHING MY HEAD!

Those dumb fuckers over at my children's school waited until ten minutes before the first bell to postpone opening. Of course I'm not stupid - I saw that the school district just North of us, and just South of us were closed. I read that and thought to myself, Can my school district be that retarded? Knowing the answer to that question anyway (Being an, "Independent" School District means you can pretty much operate outside of what other districts do), I left the house. Driving slowly down slickery roads, surprised at the sheer number of vehicles already in the ditches on the sides of the road, spun out and a round in intersections. It was a post-apocalyptic scene. I stayed on the feeder road and pulled into the empty school parking lot within two minutes of my scheduled arrival time. That's when I rec'd the page to my phone: 2 hr delay.


It was 75 degrees the day before the snow fell.

As luck would have it, apparently they were "broadcasting" it (as in, via the airwaves) by 0530. It wasn't until 0733 that someone at the (believe it or not they still have these) "radio" (as in, again, airwaves) station rememered that they also had an internet site.

I stand corrected.

And vindicated.
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