April 3rd, 2008


Sticking my tongue in the Monster

Monster brand energy drinks retail are between $1.99 and $2.09, and our food services company sells them for $2.99 at our on-site cafeteria. Sam's Club sells them in a case for a per car price of $1.21! I picked up a case yesterday after work and put two in the fridge. One for today, the other for tomorrow. The only difference between myself and drax0r where this is concerned, is that my case will last me 24 days. When he bought his he played a game called how-many-can-I-drink-a-day-and-still-function? His case lasted him four days. And the 'still function' part of that little experiment is still out for debate.

One of these actors spends a lot on salon products, and the other uses Suave.

My wife got a juicer in which she makes these complex, multi-source drinks for us. And its amazing how little juice you can get from a handful of kelp, broccoli, mustard greens, spinach greens, turnip greens, carrots, and the sort. One day, she was emptying the leavings, that is, the pulp which had already been juiced and throwing it away. I stopped her, fascinated and asked, "Can you save that for me?" It looked great! I imagined it in soups, stews, salads, crock-pot meals. I find that a couple of hours after my drink, I enjoy sprinkling a little cheese, salsa and seasoning directly on the leavings and eating them.

One of these bloggers spends a lot on salon products, and the other uses Suave.

I'm used to rolling out of bed around 0900, giving drax0r a call, and making it in around 1100. Since my wife has started working, however, and I need to be home before the kids get off the bus, My alarm is set for 0545. Yes, that's early. Too early. Also, my CD-Alarm is set to play Track 22 of theBSG Mini-Series, "The Sense Of Six." Give that link a listen. Yeah, do you have any idea how fucked-up my dreams are between 0545 and 0555 when I finally drag my ass out of bed? Yikes dude.

ehowton used to be a photographic intelligence troop. photogoot used to be a military intelligence photographer. This past December, the two of us went to work together once again, when schpydurx lost his watch during a drunken urination session.

About 18-times a day, I lose AIM. The fun part is, unbeknownst to me, without *actually* losing connection my AIM session disconnects & reconnects possibly 18-times a minute, so that when I do finally lose connectivity with the server, Pidgin tells me I'm an asshole for trying to 'reconnect' too often and punishes me by making me wait 10-minutes. EIGHTEEN TIMES A DAY.

I'm ready to do it again. Who's with me?

Richard Brooks played Assistant District Attorney Paul Robinette on Law & Order and was one of my favorite actors and characters. Always questioning himself, and his motives. Then he went away (later to return as a race-motivated defense attorney, but that's a story for another post) and I didn't see him again - in anything - until the very last episode of Firefly where he played the bounty hunter Jubal Early - and who, really, could forget that? So the trite hispanic man who used to fill my taco bowl every day has been replaced by Jubal Early and just seeing him every day makes me smile. I wonder if he knows?