April 5th, 2008


I've been waiting for you

Sometime soon, I'm going to remove everything from my home office, attach my glass monitor stand to the desk (now that I don't have a 75lb. 22" CRT), move the rack, kick my wife out, get a phone jack installed, and recreate this haven in my own image. I'm giving myself six months to complete this activity.

Also - if anyone has an old, outdated, 14" LCD monitor they were thinking of throwing away, I'll pay you to ship it here. I'm going to re-create the garage's sound system as we had it for the December party in preparation for any future parties we may have. Yes, this will ultimately benefit you so ask your friends. Thanks. I'm giving myself six months for this activity as well. Also, drax0r, I may require your amp on a more...permanent basis. That is, until you're ready for it, if you don't mind. You can have it back after about six months.

Returned from the grocery store with the following for my next week:

  • mustard greens

  • collard greens

  • turnip greens

  • kale

  • spinach

  • some other greens

  • beets

Yes beets. I didn't know you could juice beets. The lady stocking the produce told me. I came home and looked it up, wanting to know if there were any part of the beet you weren't supposed to juice (I was eying the beet's greens) and thankfully found this *prior* to my first experiment:

Never drink beet juice by itself. Beet juice should always be mixed with other vegetables and/or apple juice. Pure beet juice (from the bulb or greens) can temporarily paralyze your vocal chords, make you break out in hives, increase your heart rate, cause chills or a fever.

Good googley-moogley! Yes I was going to mix it, but I was planning on using an entire beet. This article explained that only about 1/4 of the beet should be used. If I keep this up, I won't need Monster and I'll have shed these pounds since my Tex-Mex arrival in about six months.

Last night we visited AFW&S last night and stocked up on some alcohol. Tequila and liqueurs for the spousal unit and a daily Scotch for me. I certainly won't drink the Macallan 18 nor the Glenmorangie 15 outside a special occasion, so I need a low-priced scotch to fill that need. My wife won't let me drink her Isle of Jura (nod to lehah ) and I didn't want to pay the price for either of my old standbys Dalmore Cigar Malt or Glenfiddich 12 so I ended up with a Bowmore Legend, a 'budget single-malt' Scotch. The last time I had a Bowmore was their now-defunct "Darkest." This $23 bottle of Scotch is the best of the sub-$35's I've ever had. An island Scotch with enough peat to keep me happy, and enough to last me about six months.

Failed to drink my daily Monster today - though I did start out with a nutrient-heavy 'juice' this morning. That being said, I'm trying to stay half-buzzed all day long through careful use of Bitburger.

Wish me luck.

There is a building. Inside this building there is a level where no elevator can go, and no stair can reach. This level is filled with doors. These doors lead to many places. Hidden places. But one door is special. One door leads to the source.

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