April 10th, 2008


Hold Back the Rain

We're miles away from nowhere, and the wind doesn't have a name

So call it what you want to call it, still blows down the lane

Double-fisted it this morning, yes I did. After being up for 20-hours working on a server last night, AND having been awakened by a text-message warning me of a storm, AND the storm itself, AND having a meeting at school at 0800 AND still needing to work on my server...Well, I'm working from home, having set myself up as a some sort of awkward deity with coffee to my left, and Monster sitting at my right hand.

People tell me, I haven't changed at all, but I don't feel the same

The school meeting was a rousing success. My boy's been having trouble with things like reading and comprehension. I call him, "little schpydurx." Anyway since this horrific change of schedule which requires me out of bed by 0545 *shiver* and home by 1517 (that's an entry for another day - the very high tolerances at which I operate, and its eventual and occasional failure) I've taken the walrus by the tusks so to speak and (since the dad historically is not as easily manipulated) stepped up to the plate to buckle the boy down. In just three short weeks, great progress has been made. We're all very excited.

And I bet you've had that feeling too, you just cant laugh all the time

This weekend, I'm going to pick up my new Merrell's. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes! I was on a deals site last night and came across some Land's End driving shoes marked down to $15. I went to order them, but alas, they were already sold out. I hate missing great shoe deals! Especially shoes earmarked for driving!

And if the fires burn out there's only fire to blame

So in a given day, approximately five days a week, I chat with somebritinmass, schpydurx, and the ever engaging galinda822. I call these my vowels - they're a part of everything I do.

But every once in awhile, the elusive melancthe will pop up. I call her: And sometimes, "Y"

Melancthe (3:16:32 PM): *poke*
EricHowton (3:16:42 PM): ?
Melancthe (3:17:08 PM): I'm thinking about adding Tomas back as a friend.
EricHowton (3:17:11 PM): Fantastic.
Melancthe (3:17:48 PM): Sometimes he's teh awesomecakes *giggle*
EricHowton (3:18:07 PM): kk
Melancthe (3:18:59 PM): But he can make me want to scream too!
Melancthe (3:19:19 PM): Do you think I was too hard on him?
EricHowton (3:19:57 PM): He's a big boy.
Melancthe (3:20:03 PM): Hmmmm....*shifty-eyes*
EricHowton (3:20:16 PM): Geez.
Melancthe (3:22:17 PM): I really do hate him, though.
EricHowton (3:22:19 PM): Then why add him back?
EricHowton (3:22:30 PM): Won't that just cause more problems, later?
Melancthe (3:22:39 PM): Cause he's kinda cute.
EricHowton (3:22:45 PM): Makes perfect sense to me! *eyeroll*
Melancthe went away at 3:32:47 PM.

No time for worry cause we're on the roam again

Taking the kids to Boyd for the weekend - then a mad dash back here to coincide with my wife's arrival from work. On to drax0r and jesskd26's to watch tivo'd BSG. No, I did not succumb. My wife did. Then shoes Saturday with lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and then Sunday, oh sweet Sunday - I finally get to relax. My parents are coming to Anna to return the children, and I'm grilling burgers. I love grilled burgers, and its been so long since I late ate them. And grilled burgers are the most fun with my folks. I haven't sat on my couch in nearly a month. Sunday, I aim to do some couch-sitting.

The clouds all scatter and we ride the outside lane

Lastly, there's a man I've come to admire, and appreciate. He's an everyman, just like you and I. He's a man who doesn't let external forces influence his attitude, which I know because it comes through in his smile. I invite this man into my home once a week. My children hug him; I shake his hand. Always inviting, always firm. He pets Daisy. Ain't nothing ever stood in his way far as I can tell. No sir, he's gotten what he's wanted by wrestling until dawn with the Angel. Hell yeah.

He's my Schwan's driver. And he embodies everything I wish I were.

Not on your own so help me please.. hold back the rain

Its all good.
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