April 12th, 2008



We were at the outlet mall in Allen at the Merrell store and I'm being my usual engaging self to the young lady behind the counter - I'm quite sure she didn't know what to think of catttitude and I as I carried on about this and that while trying on shoes. Occasionally other customers would come in, look around, and leave. I had my shoes off, and was walking around looking for a different pair when some minority youths came in. I made a visual check of all my stuff.

Some would call this prejudicial of me.

They would be wrong. I can assure you, my opinion is not based prematurely, on preconceptions, or without merit. Rather, though pragmatic first-hand observations and experiences. Think of it more as bias. As there was an adult present, I was far less concerned. Though I am curious, do they teach their children to steal, or simply turn a blind eye? My brother has explained to me many times that if its not locked up, its free for the taking.

Of course he's been arrested too many times for me to count, so I consider his assumptions suspect and his conclusion flawed.

Either way, they managed to steal my six-year-old Guess prescription sunglasses, which were in their case, adjacent my boxes of shoes. I hope they burn in hell.

At least they didn't also take my shoes.

Stupid fuckers.

Undaunted, I ended up with the Chameleon Hex the replacement for the Chameleon II I came looking for. These are much less bulky as the fasteners aren't folded leather, nor is the leather molded like on the Chameleon II. Alas, they didn't have my color (shown below) so I ended up with brown mesh. They're very comfortable.

I also found my Polo shirts for 75% off, with another 50% off at the register: $9 each. I bought five, $100 shirts for $50. This breaks me previous record of $12.75 per shirt. Other sundry items included Paint Your Wagon (listening to now) and of course, some of those stupid clasp-type, clip-around, cheap-assed "sunglasses."

Last night catttitude and I spent with jesskd26 and drax0r as they hosted us for BSG and ziti. We drank a lot of Shiner Black and watched the first two episodes of Season 4. It was fantastic. The ziti was fantastic. Everything was fantastic. So much so, in fact, that I spent the next seven hours digesting both my meal, and the show, in lieu of sleep. Thank you both.

Prejudice? Perhaps. Rec'd a call today from the shoe store. They found my glasses. They were stuffed in one of the bins. How they got there is anyone's guess. I've already heard a few, but I don't want to spread any more hate than this post has already sparked. I pick them up tomorrow.
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