April 13th, 2008


Walruses Gone Wild!

Ruby was now the most popular walrus on the ice shelf! Everyone wanted a piece of Ruby!

Well, at least all the guy walruses liked her. She didn't have any girl walrus friends. They were nasty to her and called her unfair names.

Poor, poor Ruby!

One day, Ruby was minding her own business, humming along to a song her mama had taught her, back when she was just that little pup:

"One day you'll be blubbery and fat, with long strong tusks for grousing at this and that."

She was just finishing up her song when a group of girl walruses accosted her!


They asked Ruby why she hated herself. Ruby (being smarter than all the other walruses), carved out hateful words describing her true feelings about life, the universe, and everything so that all the other walruses could read them.

After that, things were different for Ruby. Since people knew what was in her walrus heart, they stopped wanting to be with Ruby, even when she was displaying uninhibited depravity! Furthermore, as news of her walrus words got around, it seemed to upset everyone, even her mama!

To make everything right again, Ruby (being smarter than all the other walruses), soon found a way to erase the hateful words, thus undoing the harm that had been done! Now everyone on the ice shelf would be her friend again, because her words were now gone.

But her words had been written upon more than just the cold ice. Because they were written with hate, they were also written upon the minds and hearts of everyone else on the ice shelf.

Ruby learned that while you can let your proverbial walrus knickers down here and again, you can never let down your guard.

Ruby's first story can be found on my Ruby Tag: http://ehowton.livejournal.com/tag/ruby
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