May 29th, 2008


New Policy

In the Land of Shadows there once lived a troubled prince who's name was known only to those who had dared make the journey into that most despicable of depths, and there was only one reason anyone would traverse that foreboding land to the East, as even visitors and newcomers to the area would give it a wide berth. And in that sole reason laid forth the dilemma most faced when choosing their path - for the law of the land which had been forever agreed upon as far back as any could remember was binding. Those who had willfully committed murder could choose to be hanged by the neck until dead, or bring the troubled prince back to his throne to rightfully rule over all visible land, which was amassed from the range of snow-tipped mountains to the South, forming a natural border (though there were few nomadic tribes who made their home there, refusing to swear allegiance to one faction or the other) and the mighty Sea of Dreams, which stretched across the rest of the known world as their border to the North. The person who successfully restored the once untroubled prince to his throne would be pardoned from their sin. To date, this has never happened, and of all who have begun the journey, only one has returned, and this is her story:

"That guy's a real cuntface."

Effective immediately, all comments on this journal will be screened because schpydurx has blackmailed melancthe and I with the threat of posting her personal information on the internet if she comments on my journal or if I defriend him because of his cowardly blackmailing ways. In allowing her to comment screened, I do not invalidate the terms of his demands (Paragraph 6, Sentence 2, Part 4 [I don't EVER want to see you here again.] Italics mine).

I implore you all to stop by his site and tell him to "fuck off" until such a time he rescinds his threat, or attempts to further modify to the terms of his threat to prevent this message from being displayed, at which point enough evidence will have been gathered to have him banned from livejournal forever.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and with your support the pure, unadulterated asininity of his behavior will be short lived.

I will post this text in my every post until this situation is resolved.

Thank you,

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