June 12th, 2008



ehowton: "I'd like a 2GB iPod Shuffle please."
Wal-Mart: "We're out."
Best Buy: "We're out."
Circuit City: "We only carry the 1GB in-store, but can order it for you."
Office Depot: "We don't carry the iPod."
ehowton: "But you have heard of it? Apple? The best selling mp3 player...on the planet?
Office Depot: "Yes, we've heard of it. We carry the Zune, the second-best selling mp3 player."
ehowton: "No, its not. That was a marketing ploy by Microsoft intended to generate interest in their product. Do you actually *know* anyone who owns a Zune?"
Office Depot: ..."They sell iPods at Best Buy next door."
Target: "What color would you like?"
ehowton: "Any color but silver."
Target: "We only have four, and they're all silver."
ehowton: "Perfect! I'll take one."

My wife asked for an mp3 player approximately 12-hours prior to finding out that they are not allowed at work. Because we've always done it that way, that's why. Yes I groan at the thought of Six-Sigma and Total Quality Management, but I guess the other side of that coin is a place of work which is adverse to paradigm shifts in which productivity could be increased in order to maintain a legacy culture.

At any rate, we spent one long night picking 255 individual songs (she doesn't just drag and drop entire albums like I do) to populate it, and it was a rousing success with the single exception of rather than "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States of America:

Movin' to the country,
gonna eat a lot of peaches
Movin' to the country,
Gonna eat me a lot of peaches...

She accidentally ended up with "Fuck the Pain Away" by [the teaches of] Peaches:

Sucking' on my titties like you wanted me
Calling me, all the time like Blondie
Check out my chrissy behind
It's fine all of the time...

Yeah. Not quite the same. CURSE YOU ITUNES KEYWORD SEARCH!

I tried like the dickens to get mine filled up. The first night my computer installed an update at 0300, went down and booted into ubuntu. The second night I couldn't find enough stuff to actually put on it - having more space than I can listen to in a day is a different strategy for me, and since I can't really navigate...I finally ended up with a mix of scores and some ambient selections from time3 and some dance & iTunes specials galinda822 had bought for me.
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