November 30th, 2008


Very Merry Gentleman

My wife is very festive, and just hit her baking season. She generally only bakes between November and January, and this year is no different. She's like a machine. And to help her get into the spirit, she likes listening to Christmas music. Unfortunately, I like very little Christmas music. I know this will come as a surprise to most of you, but I'm a bit of a curmudgeon where holidays are concerned. I don't place a lot of value of them. I don't get depressed if I have no one to share the holidays with, I don't go crazy with holiday cheer, and generally just don't give a shit. For most of my adult life, I worked through all holidays. Being in a mission critical position overseas meant taking either Christmas Day, or New Years Day off. My one holiday a year I wasn't working. I always chose New Year. When I'm away, I call my mother on the holidays, but this was a recent development in our relationship. When I was stationed in Virginia, my little brother had moved out, and Mother reasoned in her empty-nest way, that now would be a good time to begin expecting calls on these days.

I do have a very small collection of hand-picked CD's I've made for my wife over the years that I enjoy - Christmas standards. Classics. Dean Martin. Bing Crosby. Wayne Newton. My all-time favorite was discovered my father: Ray Coniff's We Wish You A Merry Christmas. I purchased Enya's And Winter Came a month back (because I enjoy Enya) and we also have many non-traditional Christmas CD's such as 'Reggae Christmas' and Loreena McKinnitt's To Drive the Cold Winter Away. Its these which keep me from going insane in my own home during this tenuous time. Thankfully, my wife does not buy into the Pop Country Christmas albums which become prevalent at discount stores during the holidays and make me want to swallow my tongue.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I haven't been to work since Monday the 24th, and while the restful days and nights have been nice after the festivities of the pirate party which followed such a difficult week, I really wanted nothing more than to slip back into a comfortable routine, which obviously hasn't happened yet. And in starting my new job tomorrow, likely won't happen this week either. Regardless, not all is lost, for less than a month from now I will begin a fortnight of debauchery when my children spend Christmas out of state.

The countdown begins now.