December 25th, 2008


Itanium Inside

I plugged an Ethernet cable into the replacement rx2600's Management Processor and waited for my router to provide it a DHCP address. Using telnet, I supplied the default username and password and gained access into the standalone daughterboard, familiarizing myself with the menus before using the embedded ARM processor equipped MP to boot the server. It came alive from my laptop, connected to the wireless router, and I was able to bring the box to life from the comfort of my bed, and without pants.

I went through the installation process to identify any issues, discovering that the two processors ran at 1.3GHz and that all 3GB of RAM was showing up. I'd used the Technical Computing Operating Environment (TCOE) as the install medium as it contained a full Vertias Volume Manager (VXvM) install instead of HP/UX's less-robust LVM, and I'm woefully inadequate with VXvM. When the installation was complete I went through several troubleshooting steps on the other chassis and determined that not only had both power supplies failed, but the MP was also either locked out or non-functional. I could've pulled my Wyse Terminal from the garage, but I don't know where my null modem cable for it is. Probably hanging off the back of my rack now that I think about it. I got the rx2600 (now named belanna) racked and reinstalled.

Outside of this activity, which took most of the day, I've been listening to the fourth and final book of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn. I can read much faster than these audio books, and they really slow me down. Its soooooo frustrating. Well, that and this book is teh bore. 28 hours worth. I planned to get the last book from my mother-in-law last weekend but she hadn't read it yet, so I downloaded the audiobooks. Its nice to have them, just in case anyone else wants them.

My wife has spent the last two days in my boy's room re-imagining it. She's turned it into 'Shadow the Hedgehog' with paint; wild black points outlined with orange and obtuse orange triangles surrounded with red. All this upon his gray walls. It looks really good, but I think its wearing her out. I have next week off, she doesn't. She comes to bed after I'm already asleep, and is at it again before I awake.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.
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