December 28th, 2008



Armed with my laptop & iPod, I haven't had reason to leave my bed all week, only intermittently answering the mostly silent door, or my phone. I've watched more movies this week than all of the the past year, listened to scores of scores and classical music, read and been read to. Its been a comforting week, the first few days off feeling like weeks of their own. With no children to tend to I've fully embraced my sedentary lifestyle and marveled in its wonder.

Herbert Von Karajan was a major influence in the creation of the compact disc, insisting that its proposed playing time of 60-minutes be extended to 74 minutes as to include Beethoven's 9th Symphony in its entirety, lending his name - his prestige - his legacy, to the new format. "Those who have achieved all their aims probably set them too low." the famous conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic is quoted as saying, and I feel a tug of worthlessness as I wallow in my inactivity. Then I put on another CD, close my eyes, and lose myself in the strains of the symphony, as the harmonious combination of elements which is this new, temporary life of mine, eagerly whisk me off to unknown places, and I allow myself to willingly go.

Jackson-Triggs (Canadian) 2006:
187ml bottle yieled exactly one glass. Way too sweet & syrupy.

Kestrel (Washington State) 2004:
Thick Chardonney. Pleasing stronger flavor.

Schmitt Sohne (Germany) 2004:
Almost too sweet. Like an Auslese; I prefer Spätlese.

Rudolf Müller (Germany) 2004:
The dryest of the eisweins so far. Beautifully layered. Wonderful.

Smoky Hill (Kansas) 2003:
I saved the best for last - alas, it was too late.
The wine had already turned :(

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