January 7th, 2009



Sandstrom, the pilot of the ship, is a prototype "enhanced human", a cyborg interface needed to ensure the H.M.S. Camden Lock keeps functioning. She agreed to have her body and mind modified in exchange for the Space Force paying off her student loan, assuming the offer would not be made if the procedure was not safe. Her personality was then overwritten and she functions much like an android.

If pressed please say, The enhanced human project is a triumph of British engineering, and the early models which rampaged through Manchester should not blind us to that fact.

She has lightning fast reactions and the ability to swiftly process vast amounts of data. Unfortunately, as a result, she has a few problems such as a lack of social skills, however as the Space Force went over budget on her development they're sort of overlooking this fact. She is also vulnerable to viruses, and once got infected with the Pottymouth 2.0 virus, resulting in an inventive obscenity as a response to every command she was given.

Standing in an unconventional 'cockpit' of lighted rods, which ebb with the engine's power, changing color in a kaleidescope of dazzling hues as Sandstrom strokes, cajoles, and commands the velocity of the ship, along with its roll, pitch and yaw.

"Playing" the controls like a silent harp, Sandstrom becomes one with the ship as her fingers caress the surfaces in a dance of orchestration only she can hear. She moves with the song in her head and glides across the floor, reaching, touching...empowering.

When required, she can bring the engines up to full power quickly with outstrecthed arms, pinwheeling them like the phoenix, causing the entire ship to shudder under her command as the rods morph color and grow bright. Feverishly now, with sweeping movements of her arms and legs, a pirouette of action readies the ship for battle.

Her movements are that of a lover, impatient for more as she exhausts herself toward the finale of the act, completely spent. This is Sandstrom, pilot of Her Majesty's Ship Camden Lock.