January 16th, 2009


"I'm gonna bite its hide. I need to...wear his stomach skin like a unitard.."

Recent updates to both my XP box and my OSX box have crippled my functionality identically, though it affects me much, much more on Windows. When I reboot either of these operating systems, my computer now cannot traverse the KVM and get a read on my widescreen monitor, so it defaults to a lower resolution and a 4:3 setting, which given my 16:10 aspect ratio, renders illegible ass. I set both the computers to fixed 1440:900, but of course this new update assumes I don't know what the fuck I want, and overrides me. I guess that's what frustrates me the most. How about an update where you can uncheck 'idiot' mode? And though this is an issue on both computers, I really only ever have to reboot the XP box with any regularity, which compounds the problem. At each reboot I must detach the monitor from the KVM and plug it into the back of my machine to let the video card get a reading directly from the monitor itself. I downloaded the exact widescreen driver from the monitor manufacture and forced its use at boot. The computer didn't care, and defaulted back. I forced the change by using the video card manufacture's advanced settings to set the resolution - which it did by allowing the display area to exceed the screen area! I changed the registry to force my resolution, but with every change I make, it creates new registry entries for me, because it thinks its smarter than I am.

I hate computers.

I want to travel back in time to hunt dinosaurs and get startled off the pre-fab trail by a charging T-Rex causing me to step on a butterfly and when we get back to our time there will be no Microsoft and the leader dude will put a gun to my head because he'll have to use an operating system that doesn't suck.
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