January 24th, 2009

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I remember now why I moved everything off my mac and onto my XP box. Speed. My generations-old G4 PPC is being crushed under the demands I put it through. I get the little spinning pinwheel three-quarters of the time I'm on the box. Even scrolling down a web page, it pauses. As adept as I am at multi-tasking, this really cramps my style. So...I've made a few changes until my iSCSI vault is up and running.

That mystical byte-munching cruncher Ernest loaned me a new gigabit switch for the iSCSI project, which I will detail fully once up and running. I need to figure out HP's Auto Port Aggregation (APA) so that the primary interface is the Gig-E and the failover is the 100base. And though I don't yet know in which capacity I am going to use it, I recently scavenged a Sun D240 media tray. I has a DVD-ROM, a DDS4, and I have a matched pair of 72GB 10k SCA drives for it. I also snatched the Very High Density (VHDCI) SCSI card from which to run it.

Back to the mac, I couldn't seem to find a stable bittorrent client. My favorite client isn't available for OSX, and my favorite OSX client (Bits on Wheels) kept crashing, as did Tomato, X-Torrent, Transmission, et. al. So I went back to Azureus (now called Vuse) which is 100% stable. And uses 100% of my CPU. To help things along, I used a separate physical volume as my swap drive (not an easy thing to do in OSX) and I've stopped browsing completely on my mac, now doing that and Photoshop work solely on my XP box.

And, despite wanting to purchase a computer in the next six months, I bit the bullet and bought an HP external dual-layer lightscribe burner, which, after some cursing and gnashing of teeth, works flawlessly with Toast on the mac, and will ultimately make my life much, much easier.

mr_dowg is coming over tonight to assist me in absinthe-drinking while my wife and daughter are off to a girls party. Hell of a guy, mr_dowg.

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