March 7th, 2009

Eric Capitol

Front Page News

Smoking ordinance vote scheduled for March 10
By Ken Gaidziunas
(Reprinted with Permission)

ANNA, TX - The third, and final Public Hearing on the Proposed Smoking Ordinance was on the agenda at Tuesday night's City Council meeting. While the intent of the Public Hearings was to give Anna residents an opportunity to voice their comments, no one showed up to speak at the first two hearings.

On Tuesday night Eric Howton an active member of the Anna Online forum was the lone speaker at the public hearing and spoke about the loss of freedom of choice as a result of city imposed ordinances. (Howton's comments are published in today's Anna News edition.) It is anticipated that the Proposed Smoking Ordinance, which ca be viewed on the City of Anna web site, ( will be on the agenda and voted on at the next City Council meeting scheduled on March 10th.

Initially it was assumed it would pass easily with little opposition, but sources indicate several council members are viewing the issue from the perspective of a freedom of choice issue and are still seeking input from Anna residents.