March 29th, 2009


The Doctor is In: Prague

Q: I like Hans Zimmer, but his synth-only scores are sometimes flat and lack orchestration. How can I add depth and fullness to what I hear?

A: The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

I first ran across them when I found The Essential Hans Zimmer Film Music Collection. I was so enamored with what they brought to the table, I actively sought out the FLAC so I could rip it at 320kbps. Then last Wednesday SAE announced THE MUSIC OF BATMAN PERFORMED BY THE CITY OF PRAGUE PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA.

I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival.

1. Batman: Theme
2. Batman: Flowers & Love Theme
3. Batman: The Joker's Poem & Clown Attack
4. Batman: Up The Cathedral
5. Batman: Waltz To The Death
6. Batman: The Final Confrontation & Finale
7. Batman Returns End Titles
8. Batman Forever: Batterdamerung & Mouth To Mouth Nocturns
9. Batman & Robin: Main Titles & Fanfare
10. Batman Begins: Eptesicus
11. Dark Knight: Aggressive Expansion, The
12. Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm: The Birth Of Batman / Main Title / The Promise
13. Batman: Gotham Knight: End Credits
14. Batman: The Movie: Main Titles
15. Batman: TV Theme

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