May 22nd, 2009


Quantum Leap

I dreamed I went back in time. It must've been the late 50s early 60s. Everything, my entire dream, was in black and white. I was sitting in the backseat of a large, 4-door sedan with white vinyl seats watching uniformed tire-makers working in a 32-room manufacturing building four rooms wide, four rooms high, back-to-back, with no exterior walls. I was amazed at the lack of safety and noticed the car I was in had no seat belts. The workers were manufacturing tires at a dizzying rate, and one man fell from the top right room, seemingly to his death, as he landed face down on the sandy soil beneath him. I was mortified but no one stopped to help him. Soon, due possibly to the frenzied pace of the tire makers, the entire building began to shudder. All the workers on my side of the building somehow squeezed through to the other side of the building, out of my view. The building continued to shudder, then collapsed. The man who had fallen stood up and moved out of the way of the collapsing building.

We were now at our destination. I was in a large home. The family which had brought me there in the car was aware of my mission, and knew that I was from the future. They took me to their son's room where we met and got along really well. He was home from college, and there was a formal dinner party that evening. I had an old suitcase with a false bottom. I pulled out a white playstation2 "slim" console and hooked it up to an old black and white television.

Later that evening, at the dinner party, I saw the young man who was my target. A physically handicapped young man, dressed just the same as the young man I was staying with. In fact they all were. College ties and vests. Maroon if I had to guess, as everything was still in black and white. There was dinner, a ceremony, and dancing afterwards. During the ceremony yearbooks had been passed out to all the young men. I did what I was there to do - I placed the consciousness of the handicapped boy into the one I was staying with. He'd given up his vibrant, healthy body to the other boy without him knowing. I approached the now-healthy boy, who was the other one, and he'd quickly signed the other boys name on the cover of the yearbook with a silver Sharpie. "Quick thinking." I said.

I went to the family with whom I was staying. They were at a table with a group of people. One of the ladies asked if I'd gotten a chance to shop at DS Shoes while I was in town. "DS Shoes?" I asked. "Who is D and who is S?" I was told that the DS stood for Demming and Smith. I explained that in the future, Smith had married Williams and that it was called, DSW. They all just stared at me. The parents coughed their disapproval and got me out of their quick. As we were exiting, I realized that though the minds of the boys had been switched, I was unsure now who was who. Rather than an act of compassion, had I been tricked into stealing the healthy boys body for the handicapped one? I no longer knew. Not only that, which was the boy that knew who I was? Had I stated, "Quick thinking" to the wrong one? I didn't know anymore.

Back at the house the mother hugged me as we said our goodbye's. The only thing she asked for was Friday the 13th parts 2 & 3 when they came out, as the first one was airing tonight on television, and tomorrow they were going to see Star Wars at the theater. I was suddenly very confused. She told me it was 1980. I didn't remember 1980 looking like a black and white television show. I explained that in the future, you could no longer get VHS tapes, but that the playstation I'd installed would be able to play DVDs.

I repacked my suitcase, the dad grabbed his hat (because he wore a suit with a hat of course) and as we walked to the front door, in the style of Quantum Leap I dissipated in a bright light and awoke.

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