July 24th, 2009

Gas Prices


I'm a situational non-conformist, not belonging to any one camp. Friday's are and have been Hawaiian Shirt Day. I've never worn one, though I did ask my boss if I could wear a Hawaiian-print muumuu on Fridays as my own personal act of defiance, assuming he'd say, "No."

So even though I believed it a joke at the time, one of my coworkers who recently returned from his Hawaiian vacation did indeed purchase me a "Made in Hawaii" mu'umu'u, which I wore to work today much to the amusement of the entire staff. But it was the fact that I wore it in my car, and walked from the parking lot, through the building, to my desk which impressed them the most. Well, that and walking to and from the cafeteria.

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In the morning meeting we go around the room and our boss asks us what we're working on that day. I replied, "I feel pretty."