August 11th, 2009


A World Without Greed

In my perfect world no one would fall prey to that most incomprehensible of motivators, greed (lobbyists would be shot on site). Every single one of us would then truly treat others selflessly with all our fighting might. Love would be forever, with everyone you've ever loved and lovers' lovers would share with you endless expressions of such. Jealousy, that sub-set of greed would be supplanted with many lovers' touch.

In my perfect world religious freedom's broken ideology would be replaced without delay; outlawing greedy religions claiming theirs is the only way. Countless debates on origin would be put upon the shelf, for surely then we could respect each other's individual expression of self.

In my perfect world arguments would be impassioned for the purpose of education and learning, not to best others or try to win, rather to quench knowledge's yearning. All the things we hate in others: anger, self-servitude, dominance and sin, stem from the root of all evil - greed, preventing an outpouring of peace from within.

In my perfect world there would be no need for justification to cheat others for personal gain, because the end does not absolve the means and you wouldn't be able to live with the burden of your shame. Encourage, enhance, romance - soon you'll find no will nor desire to participate in any disheartening dance.

Its not foolish to want these things or live like they already exist. Love others with every ounce of courage, and make every day as intimate as your first kiss.
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