August 18th, 2009



1:00 minute video
Link for those outside the U.S.

So I got confused. It happens. Last year drax0r sent me this video clip, and I haven't seen it since. Then later, melancthe starts uploading a rash of Charlie the Unicorn avatars. To her credit, she used them most amusingly. Pretty soon people on her FL started uploading them as well. Now to say I found this strange based on the above video is an understatement - but I thought it would be fun to do the same. And in context, it all somehow works. was becoming increasingly clear that I was missing something, as my comments and theirs just didn't add up. If you're familiar with Charlie the Unicorn can you imagine the severity of "WTF" I got in response to my comments on Magical Unicorn Mayonnaise?


So I sat tonight and watched Charlie the Unicorn videos.

And realized that I'm retarded.
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