August 20th, 2009


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(12:47:49 PM) EricHowton: So I've got one post written for a future date, and I need to do a lot of graphics work for another.
(12:48:13 PM) EricHowton: "Destro & The Baroness Practicing the Clarinet"
(12:48:39 PM) ProfessorTom: yes, that's stuck in my head thanks to you.
(12:48:57 PM) EricHowton: I enjoyed that video far more than I enjoyed the movie
(12:49:08 PM) ProfessorTom: I didn't enjoy the movie to say the least.
(12:49:38 PM) EricHowton: Everytime I commented on that post it was about D-D-D-Duke being mostly retarded.
(12:49:48 PM) EricHowton: I thought he was poorly cast.
(12:50:02 PM) EricHowton: Now in the video - Henry Rollins?
(12:50:04 PM) EricHowton: AWESOME
(12:50:09 PM) EricHowton: Vinnie Jones? AWESOME!
(12:50:25 PM) EricHowton: Alan Tudyk? AWESOME!
(12:50:58 PM) ProfessorTom: who were the singers?
(12:51:05 PM) EricHowton: Dunno
(12:51:43 PM) EricHowton: kat_rowe & celtmanx had this long conversation on that post last night.
(12:51:57 PM) ProfessorTom: huh.
(12:52:27 PM) EricHowton: I don't remember most of it - I went to bed at midnight & laid awake for two hours, then was awoken three hours after that with an unholy evil gripping my bowels, so I'm pretty wiped out today.
(12:53:07 PM) ProfessorTom: I hate stomach problems. I think I'd rather be forced to have gay sex.
(12:53:15 PM) EricHowton: Interesting.
(12:53:21 PM) EricHowton: I'm sure that can be arranged.
(12:53:26 PM) EricHowton: I'll ask around.
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