September 20th, 2009


Happy Birthday to Me

So I turned 40. That's old. My dad called me Friday. "I'm depressed," He said. When I asked why, he replied, "Wouldn't you be depressed to if you had a 40-year-old son?" HA HA.

As it turns out, the anticipation was the worst of it. Many people I've spoken to about this had a hard time turning 30 - not me. I was a rising star at 30, but 40?

As my MIL is in town to spend time with her grandbabies, cattitude and I spent the day together where I realized that I've spent my entire life working for exactly what I now have - that being, everything I've ever wanted; perhaps I just don't know how to slow down to enjoy it? With that in mind, my soul calmed and we had a great afternoon.

As we were walking the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, I was speechless when I saw that in the last three weeks, they'd opened an Apple store! Apparently my expression was quite amusing, and my lovely wife bought me an iPod Touch for my birthday - especially when she found out this meant she would no longer have to share her netbook with me!

The Stonebriar Apple Store

I discovered that the issues I'm having with the Nano's battery is the battery itself. It no longer holds a charge longer than 45 minutes. The average life is 18-months and it cannot be replaced. Mine lasted 12. Fortunately, everywhere I use the Nano I'm near power, so I've added the USB/power jack to my backpack's contents, which allows me to listen to it while its plugged in. CASE: CLOSED.

But I do so love the Touch, and I marvel at its design. I'm amazed at all it can do and the flexibility it affords me. It makes my wife's netbook look like a mainframe. Outside of the pricey iPhone's ability to connect without a wifi location, its perfect for my needs. My, but I'm spoiled aren't I?

Thanks babe.

Lastly, with all the talk about cake, I decided to make one. Now we usually make them from scratch, but I decided to build upon an existing box cake by adding a package of butterscotch pudding mix to the yellow cake mix, and an online recipe suggested four eggs and 3/4 cups more liquid. I did all of this without announcing it to anyone, and ended up undercooking it with the added ingredients - it failed to rise.

My wife and her mother gave me dubious looks as they served up this lumpy, flat cake - even the kids didn't like it. But they sure enjoyed the fanfare surrounding it and I enjoyed that.

In short, I got the whole cake to myself ;)