September 27th, 2009


More Music

After Friday's soul-wrenchingly slow afternoon in which I was was saved by certain tongue-swallowing through Giacchino's Speed Racer and Star Trek* back-to-back (Giacchino made me ache for the release date of the Star Trek DVD), I've been looking for MORE MUSIC to drone out the banality of those around me by submersing myself into abject pornography for the ears. Mind music. Rousing orchestral arrangements which keep my mind sharp while simultaneously raising my spirits to a frenzy in which I'll feel I can overcome anything.

Music like that, however, is few and far between.

I've been visiting Jamendo a lot lately, which is beginning to depress me as I do believe I've downloaded the best they have to offer. I want more Bear McCreary. What's he been doing? I hope he's been composing, because I'm ready for something more. I decided now would be a good time to pick up the only CD of his I don't own, Rest Stop: Dead Ahead. Yeah, about that...$50. The last time I spent $40 on a music CD (A fantastic tip from lehah, The Adventures of Indiana Jones, Volume 4) my wife nearly shot me (I don't even have the physical media yet to Volumes 1, 2 & 3).

So I scoured my hard drive for stuff I know I've squirreled away for a rainy day. That downpour has come, in the form of an emotional vacuum. I need to fill it. And I wasn't disappointed. I found stuff I've been waiting for time to listen to but never got around to adding to my library. Some tarballs, some bootlegs, some rips, some compositions by one of my readers, and finally ripping Let Me Tell You of the Days of High Adventure.

Sat on my ass and drank beer most of the weekend. Actually *relaxed* (I don't get to do that too often). Coupled with the hard, pipe-hitting week I had, I'm shielding myself this week with the armor of the songs on my iPod, and I will be victorious.

Bring it on, Monday.

*And Joel Goldsmith. He helped me through a little of Friday as well. His Stargate: Atlantis score is brilliant, if not a little "formatted for your television." I hear great tracks in there which are sadly "Made for TV" short. But I try to sprinkle Joel wherever I go ;)
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