October 2nd, 2009


The Absent-Minded Professor

One of the drawbacks to being me, is that I'm sometimes (my wife will argue the frequency with you) absent-minded when I'm knee deep in a project. Fortunately, only rarely do these things compound upon each other.

Except yesterday, when they did.

But if there's an upside to being absent-minded (and seriously, I don't know how my lovely wife puts up with it half the time) its discovery. Yesterday, I inadvertently discovered why the battery on my iPod was only lasting 45-minutes because I haven't been sleeping. Straight out of an episode of James Burke's Connections. Let me explain:

I only charge my cell phone when I sleep, because the charger is on my nightstand. But I've been working a lot, and well...not sleeping. So after two days, the battery went dead.

This caused me to miss a lunch appointment with a client because he couldn't get a hold of me, but just in case he called drax0r, I left for lunch anyway so I'd already be en route.

I have a charger in my car, which I forgot about because my center console is covered in sticky-notes with people's names and phone numbers on them, so I left my dead phone on my desk.

After lunch I left my glasses in drax0r's truck, and he couldn't call me to tell me.

When I got back to the office, I couldn't see any of my LCD screens because my sunglasses are polarized. I rotated my screens 90-degrees and reset their orientation. Only then were they bright and visible again. (And really, I think I'll keep them this way, for while widescreen monitors are ideal for theater-aspect ratio movies, they kinda suck for system administration - most files I vi are lengthy, not wide.)

I went to put on my headphones, but also couldn't see the LCD screen on my iPod which led me to discover that at some point I had inadvertently set the brightness to "full" and the backlight to "always on" which apparently drains the battery of a Nano in 45-minutes.

Its going to be a long month.
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