October 22nd, 2009

Pop Art

Nothing for the Group

The entire group was gathered around the conference room table as we are every morning at our daily meeting. Another group nearly equal in size was on the Polycom telecon system when it was my turn to speak. "Nothing for the group," I said.

Everywhere I've worked, each group of people has had their own canned statements prepared given the direction of their day. (How could we ever forget Zero-Green for example?) As I had nothing of note upcoming to share with not only those in the unix group, but also the basis admins and DBA's, my reply was "Nothing for the group."

Perhaps it was because I'd taken a 5-day weekend that my boss turned to me and said, "Why?" So I told him:

I dreamed I was back in Korea, this time to photograph [coworker] "Steve" and his wife with the Korean version of Mt. Fuji as a backdrop, but when I finally caught up with him, I realized that I'd not only gone back to Korea, but I'd also gone back in time! It was 2002, but I'd only gone back in time 2-years which meant that in real-life it was only 2004. I realized this because Steve was married to his ex-wife, which was *actually* his present wife, but in my dream he later married a woman of Asian descent.

I always feel sorry for the people who's turn it is to speak after me.
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