November 12th, 2009


Fried Chicken

One man one goal one mission
One heart one soul just one solution
One flash of light yeah one God one vision


There is someone on my FL who often (and by often I mean the majority of his content) posts lists of things he didn't do, or hasn't accomplished.

I can often be accused of not being compassionate, but in my defense, I'm far more open to "walking that mile" in another's shoes than most. My old boss at work keeps it fresh in my head that I haven't re-started my re-write of the first chapter of The Hobbit since I lost it, and I still have my Charlie the Unicorn soundtrack half completed I need to finish - but these are things I've *actually* already started, so I don't think they should count.

Dear readers, I give you the "Top Ten" list of things I have not done:

  1. Discover buried treasure

  2. Climb Mount Everest

  3. Get elected President

  4. Meet the Dalai Lama

  5. Win the lottery

  6. Fly to the moon

  7. Make gold records

  8. Author the 'Great American Novel'

  9. Build a time machine

  10. Bed a supermodel

What haven't you done?