November 17th, 2009



I have in my hands the widescreen DVD release of Star Trek. $14.96 at Wal-Mart at 0800 this morning. Oh beautiful day! To celebrate, I'm listening to the score on my iPod at work (having previously been whistling it aloud at my desk). Tonight, the premiere! Additionally, my folks are coming in to see it Sunday. I'm grilling burgers. It should be a great time after this past weekend's manual labor. More on that later.

I'd also like to invite each of you to visit trunthepaige who's recently migrated from Xanga. She's old guard over there and I'm just tickled pink she's joined our ranks.

She's as soft as bubble bath; I'm as hard as Chinese math.

COMING SOON: Charlie the Unicorn Soundtrack!

The world is in peril! All that is good has been consumed by evil!

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