December 8th, 2009

Heart of Darkness


The sinewy tendrils of the slow-moving Tree of Life in Warcraft III twisted my body in unnatural ways as I moved slow-motion, attempting to roll over to alleviate the muscle aches stabbing my buttocks and the knife in my back. Relief was not to be found no matter how I laid, for the alleviation would've been in its timely execution. But bedstiffness set in at every slow, incremental turn, for even when I broke free from the Tree of Life's entanglement, I couldn't move any faster than it. These were dumb rules to have been applied to my sudden illness Monday morning, but I could not escape them.

I was shivering, so I drew a hot bath and submerged my body under the scalding water, leaving only my nose and eyes above its surface, like a predator. At some point, I turned sideways, laid my head on the side of the tub, and fell asleep. My delirium caught up with me and I started running from the Tree of Life as it managed to grab me and caused my body to once again ache. An hour later I awoke in tub of tepid water.

I attempted two more changes of venue, each with the same result. Once my fever broke however, I was no longer being pursued. I've been sick the first two official days of my vacation, and only now able to get out of bed.

In other news:

  • Back to the Future started *exactly* like I hoped it would - I'm not disappointed.

  • Google Chrome (the browser, not the O/S) debuted (beta) for linux today.

  • My wife and I finished Stargate:Atlantis and really enjoyed the 4th season this time around.

  • Watching Babylon 5. Thought it was Farscape when I borrowed it (its not).

  • Shelved Supernatural for Babylon 5 which I was greatly enjoying again.

  • Best Buy had TV-ON-DVD for $14.99 per season the day after Black Friday.

    • I wanted Supernatural Season 4 (purchased)

    • NCIS Season 6 (out of stock)

    • and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 (not on sale).

  • Alerted my father to the sale, as he's been wanting to watch Nip/Tuck

    • He bought all that were available, Seasons 1-5. I guess we'll watch that at some point.

  • Ordered DirectTV today. They install it tomorrow. Guess we'll finally get something out of that HD TV after all.

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