December 28th, 2009



I saw a gay porno once. I didn't know until halfway in. The girls never came. The girls never came! ~Scott (EuroTrip)

I checked my order status today anticipating the early arrival of the computer which will propel me into 2010.

Tim Buckley of the online cominc CTRL-ALT-DEL stated in his blog that "...there will undoubtedly be some future-haters saying "two-thousand and ten", like they don't want to be living in the future or something." and I think about how unfair that is after NINE FULL YEARS of not saying, "twenty." Its like back in the 90s when I used to write checks (if anyone here remembers those) and I would often, out of mindless rote, write the previous year in the date field for several weeks after the new year. I didn't do that because I was a "future hater." Cut me some goddamn slack.

I have a LAN-game lined up for Saturday I've been excited about, and was looking forward to showing off my shiny new computer, and I can't wait to see how VMWare Workstation will handle 64-bit Windows inside 64-bit Ubuntu, or vise-versa. I'm going to unleash some serious power.

And while it was disheartening to see, "Your order is on hold" (which I assumed was in error and it would still arrive today) the reply to my follow-up email of "WTF" cemented my unease: "Your credit card was declined on 12/16 and an email was sent at 2:31pm PST on that date regarding the decline." Of course had I actually *received* that email 11 days ago, I would've quickly resubmitted it (my assumption is the decline was based on transposition of the sixteen-digit number). As it is, I'm not getting a computer today. Or tomorrow.

I called them up to verify that indeed, they wouldn't be shipping me a computer - I was curt but not impolite - and swore to myself that I would go elsewhere to get a computer.

Until all my searches turned up PortaTech as still having the lowest prices. And free shipping.

I don't want to order from them out of spite.

But I don't want to wait any longer, either.

I just want my computer to arrive today. Besides, I could've been more pro-active in determining my order status. That wasn't their fault.

So once I was done feeling sorry for myself, I called them back. They really do have excellent customer service. We made just a single change to my existing order (the nVidia GT220 video card instead of the ATI Radeon HD4650), verified my credit card number (it was correct all along) and she promised to call me back if it was declined rather than send an email.

Thanks PortaTech!
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