March 23rd, 2010


Always a Pall-Bearer, Never Appalled

The stars always look foreign outside of Texas.

I'm on Day 12 of my 4-day trip. The last surprise funeral is the day after tomorrow. My brother-in-law and his family drove down from Washington state - and while that's been fantastic (we only get to see each other about every 5-years) the logistics an operation this size get creative, especially where living quarters are concerned. Suffice it to say the nine of us are sharing my inlaws single-wide while they've relocated to the 5th wheel camper parked outside.

My sinuses have been inflamed the past two days due to a "Pollen Warning" in the Midwest states. This hasn't improved my mood any. I'm missing taekwondo, burning through my precious leave balance, and sleeping worth shit. Oh, and I've gained back 10-pounds. Have I mentioned how much I hate fast food? Now that the stress of the first week is over, we've just been waiting. And waiting makes me cranky. I like being busy.

So I bought my first pair of women's shoes. We found some Chinese off-brand "toning" shoes for a mere $60 a pair, but they didn't have them in men's. I wear a ladies size 11 apparently. I've been walking miles at the local park what with it being sunny and cool out, and practicing my forms in the mornings and evenings. Not only is it something to keep me occupied, I'm hoping to "get back in shape" best I can now that I have the time to.

We're leaving from the funeral Thursday.

When everyone gets in their cars to drive to the gravesite behind the hearse, we're going to pull out and put Wichita is our rear-view mirror. We should be home by dark. The kids will be in school Friday and I plan to be at work.

The nightmare is nearly over.
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