April 18th, 2010



Sometimes I think I'm blessed not through grace, but because I'm so freaking awesome. How else could one possibly explain this? I know that Texans are proud, but damn can you blame us? LOOK HOW COOL THIS IS? They say Texas is God's country. This is surely such a sign, because I really don't deserve it, yet here we are, and I've been waiting one-hundred and one years for this moment:

Since my boy was being a butthead, I invited his friends over to spend the night and stay up play video games with me. We had a blast, yes, even my son. Loaded the `Asian Dynasty` expansion for Age of Empires III which was just great, immeasurable fun (my boy and I were disappointed they omitted Korea though), the kids had a double-length pre-testing class for taekwondo belt-testing this coming Saturday. This evening he and I watched The Forbidden Kingdom. 30-seconds into it he quips, "So this is where you got that music." THAAAAAT'S my boy...

And giving credit where credit is due, I used scottchurch's photo tip (NSFW) which helped me take my beer photo. Thanks!