April 25th, 2010


Kick Ass

doki ba chagi - axe kick
So at the last minute we all tested. At $50 a pop, we were just going to let the kids test this time around, and while it was great to see what future tests would be like (all belts tested - we even got to see an impressive display of a Black Belt getting his 1st Dan) it was also quite the lengthy ordeal.

douyo chagi - roundhouse kick
I was going to video the kids for my folks as my father had to work Saturday, but since we participated at the last minute I asked drax0r to do the honors, which he executed flawlessly given the three grueling hours we were there.
When it was all said and done, the four of us walked away one rank higher having been awarded "Advanced White" which means we don't have to learn anything new just yet, but we still have to train on what we know; and seeing some of the higher ranks run through their poomse I'm glad we're on the slow track!

Thank you Master Reid & Master Mun.

Grandmaster Reid