May 26th, 2010


I Didn't Feel it Until the Next Morning

I train in martial arts three days a week. Sounds easy, no?

DAY ONE: Four days after I broke my little toe executing spinning back kicks, we were all lined up for simple kicking combinations: Roundhouse kick followed by an axe-kick. I guess my first pass was too easy, as Master Mun lifted the second paddle high above his head during my second pass. It was too late, as I had already "jumped" for it, and fell. Everyone has fallen - well, mostly the higher belts. I'd not done anything yet to create a falling scenario, so this was a first.
I didn't feel it until the next morning.

DAY TWO: There was an odd number of us at training and for reasons unbeknownst to me (I was the closest?) Master Mun paired with me. He held a pad against his body, and I kicked the pad. Ten left-foot roundhouse kicks, ten right-foot roundhouse kicks. He had everyone pass the pad to their partner. I thought I was exempt and would just get to kick again. I was wrong. He kicked me 20 times. Hard. Then we passed the pad back, and again, and again...and again.
I didn't feel it until the next morning.

DAY THREE: Small class. A black-belt, a purple-belt, a green-belt, an advanced orange belt, and my wife and I. I'd never done an "elevator kick." I don't even know what the Hangul word is yet, because I'd not ever performed it. Basically, you jump and forward kick. And, while you're up there, you jump again, and forward-kick even higher with your other foot. Yeah, double-jump kinda like in Unreal Tournament. Anyway, I was surprised at how well I did. And we got to run through it several times. Each time, Master Mun raised the paddles. Finally - I fell.
I didn't feel it until the next morning.

For the record - THOSE ADD UP.

Sometimes I wish I trained five days a week, not three.

Other times, I'm thankful for the 4-day break in between.