June 11th, 2010

The Fifth Element


More empirical than spiritual
A God-fearing atheist who denounces Christ
No affinity for the Trinity
Try as I might

Unsure if the parlance of balance
Extends to the heavenly plane
Orate in spectacular vernacular
Parry, thrust, feign

I'm the original voyeur warrior
Who does battle in your name
Undress under duress
It drives me absolutely insane

Trigrams unravel for four:
Water falls as in rain
Wind blows - Earth grows
Fire burns a sensual pain

I charm her right out of her armor
Breastplate of righteousness falls to the floor
She girds my staff on her behalf
Guiding, gliding, colliding, riding & coinciding galore

Pure evil's a disheveling devil
That cloven-hoofed menace lament
I hover to cover all bases
And start banging the fifth element
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    McCreary - Caprica
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