June 15th, 2010



All major and minor themes can be heard here.
Remember when an entire season was 26-episodes, and they showed them all, uninterrupted within a single broadcast season? Listen, I know the pilot was dull - but the music was fantastic, and its even better during Season One. I can't believe, nor explain why Caprica is so overwhelmingly engaging, but it is, and certainly the music grips me, and carries me away. I know I shouldn't have been surprised, but I read this on Bear's blog when I was trying to get information on the release of the score: I’ve written sonatas, fugues, arias, passacaglias, oratorios, lounge music, theme and variations, string quartets, jazz, rock, heavy metal, world music and even hip hop. For tonight’s mid-season finale of “Caprica,” I was asked to write an opera...

And it was magnificent.

I want the score RFN. Not later - not at the conclusion of the series - RMFN!