June 25th, 2010



I know it takes time to get used to new devices before rashly declaring something "suck" but in the same way I was surprised at the intuitiveness of the Touch/iPhone when I first started using it, I'm equally surprised at the...obtuseness and awkwardness of the Blackberry Bold 9700.

Now the Blackberry does one thing really well, it connects to corporate BES/Notes servers securely. Well done! As for the rest, well some of that may be my fault for not understanding how to properly configure it - I've linked my gmail account to the BlackBerry, but now my inbox on corporate and personal are intermingled as "messages" which might be fine if they didn't come in twice, the other being my personal inbox on the Blackberry. And so far, it looks like you HAVE to read them to get the notification icon to go away.

What a pain.

And now a word about "Us vs. Them"
No this isn't about technophobes and technophiles, rather those who blindly cling to any single provider/vendor. I didn't buy my Touch because OMGZ!SHINY!APPLE rather because its très functional, and it was *exactly* what I needed. Yes I would consider a droid had I reason, but its difficult for me to consider the opinion of Google!heads - those who gush like schoolgirls over anything preceded by the Google logo. Its the same blind OMGZ!SHINY!APPLE mindset and ultimately unhelpful.
I'm sure over the coming weeks I'll get my BlackBerry just like I want it, and since my Touch is not an iPhone, it'll be nice to have a 3G browser away from home (Opera mini on my old flip-phone was less than ideal) but I do miss the ease of which I could both make and receive calls on my Nokia.

Hey, work forced me to carry a BlackBerry, they paid for it, by golly I'm gonna use it.

I just need a free Twitter app now.

Ok, now this is cool - A BlackBerry Desktop Manger...for linux:

A kind-hearted user on the Anna Texas Forum posted it for me. Awesome!