June 29th, 2010




The Abraham Lincoln wasn't my first aircraft carrier, but it was certainly my favorite. I can't describe to you the feeling of approaching something as massive as an entire floating city much taller than anything you'd expect even when told what to expect. It seemingly defied the very laws of physics.

It was in the tales Tom Clancy wove with mystery and intrigue, and just like any other branch of the military, there was coffee - but coffee unlike anything I'd had before, and exactly like Mr. Tom Clancy described it would be.


Speaking of coffee, I remember the Season 2 episode of NCIS when Gibbs explains to Kate about "The Big Stick" and "Shall Not Perish."
KATE: When he found the first Jane Doe while jogging, Petty Officer Goetz was in port on a carrier, the Teddy Roosevelt.
GIBBS: Agent Dawes interrogated him a number of times on the Big Stick and here.
KATE: Big Stick?
GIBBS: Teddy Roosevelt. “Talk softly, carry a…”
KATE: Carry a big stick. Cute. Goetz stayed in the Navy, is a Chief and arrived in Norfolk on the same carrier as the seamen who found our Jane Doe. The… Honest Abe.
GIBBS: “Shall not Perish.”
KATE: What?
GIBBS: Lincoln’s not Honest Abe. It’s “Shall Not Perish.”
KATE: What kind of a nickname is “Shall Not Perish?”
GIBBS: Ask Chief Goetz when you pull him in for questioning.


I've been carting these coffee cups around with me since I bought them from the ship's store to use during my 16-hour days of HP/UX installs while she was in port. Decided to take a couple to work. Show my colors, so to speak.

I think the coffee tastes better in these, and even if it doesn't...it reminds me of more exciting times.


I've spoken previously of my time onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.
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