July 19th, 2010


Monday's Fisting

America's Best Warranty

Took the car to the dealership for an oil change.

My State Inspection had expired.

But my tires were too bald to pass anyway.

I'd been meaning to get new ones.

Discount Tires

They wanted too much for tires at the dealership.

So I drove down the street after my oil change.

They put new tires on, but my wipers were shot.

This wasn't a surprise, I've just been putting it off.

Eff'ing HOT

They built a new AutoZone down the street.

I got new wiper blades.

But it was too hot to put them on in the parking lot.

"Oh Thank Heaven"

Filled up with gas.

And got a MONSTER.

With a Kwikness

"Do you want us to put the wiper blades on for you?"


"The car won't pass inspection without them."

Then BlackBerry's Twitter app stopped working when TwitPic crashed...

...but never started working again.

So I moved to UberTwitter.

I made it to work at 2:00 PM.

Thanks, Monday!
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